Enhancing and broadcasting SHS research

Enhancing and broadcasting SHS research
Enhancing recognition for research can be defined as being a whole set of actions and activities that allow:

  • Access to the knowledge by both economic and social spheres. The knowledge is in terms of know-how and inventions, techniques, and technologies that results from public research work;
  • The results, knowledge and competences from this research to be put to use and commercialized

Enhancing SHS research is specific in the sense that it has to have a broad application and not be restricted to just an economic sphere. As such it can take on several forms:

  • Popularisation
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Expertise
  • Services (responding to calls to tender,)
  • Collaboration (CIFRE (Research Convention) thesis)
  • Transfer to the economic arena.

Livre blanc des SHS

Reasons for enhancing research value.

Fundamental: Enhancing research and broadcasting research are two of the University’s fundamental missions;
Economically and socially useful: universities are also responsible for the conditions relating to innovation and economic development in their own territories and also all disciplines, humanities and social sciences have the potential to be enhanced and recognized;
Recognition and identification: the University’s mission is also to make its research laboratories’ work known and recognized;
HCERES evaluation criteria: enhancing value is one of the benchmark HCERES (Haut Conseil de l'évaluation de la recherche et de l' enseignement supérieur- Council for Research and Further Education evaluation) evaluation criteria.
Additional financial resources: Raising the profile of completed research work can enable access to additional financial resources for any given laboratory and in certain instances for you personally. It can enable financing and co-financing doctoral work as well as hiring post-doctorates and interns. Additional resources can also facilitate the broadcast of your academic work by for example financing your attendance at national and international scientific events.

Ways of enhancing your research profile

Your research work and your scientific expertise can be enhanced and recognized in a number of different ways and the IRIHS along with the DRV (Direction of Research and Valorisation) can support you throughout the process:

  • Various broadcast media to access the general public: actions that popularize the science – publications, conferences, seminars, debates and so on;
  • Knowledge transfer via initial and continuous education for students, young researchers and professionals;
  • Partnerships with socio-economic and cultural actors both public and private via expert scientific research collaboration work, knowledge and know-how services carried out and provided by your laboratory etc;
  • Intellectual protection for your own work (patenting and software registration) with a view to transitioning to various socio-economic fora (licensing agreements etc.).

Pôle Recherche Valorisation Études doctorales de l'URN

Normandie valorisation, Normandie Université

Salon Innovatives SHS

Seinari, incubateur d'entreprise

Conferences and Publications

The IRIHS supports certain conferences and publications by way of calls for project proposals and as such contributes to enhancing and extending the University of Rouen’s SHS research profile. Selection criteria for support include the scientific quality of the project being proposed and well as its cross-disciplinary elements.
Below is a selection of the most recent conferences (non-exhaustive):

 Below is a small number of the most recent publications to have received IRIHS support:

 - Th. Ardouin, S. Briquet-Duhazé, E. Annoot, Le champ de la formation et de la professionnalisation des adultes, l'Harmattan


- B. Callebat, H. de Courrèges, V. Parisot, Les religions et le droit du travail, Bruylant


- F. Simonet-Tenant (dir.), Dictionnaire de l'autobiographie, Champion.


- etc.

HAL Normandie Université. A new portal for Normandy based researchers.

The HAL (Hyper Articles en Ligne- open archive) is part of a general move towards open access resources. This open archive for all academic fields accepts and disseminates scholarly documents. Free access is guaranteed for all members of the scientific community.

Dedicated to enhancing and recognising the scholarly work of Normandy’s researchers, HAL Normandie is an open archive depository where research articles from researchers members of the COMUE Normandy University establishments can be deposited, conserved, and diffused.
HAL Normandie aims to:

  • enhance the international profile of and international access to regional based articles
  • value and recognise the work of researchers, laboratories and establishments,
  • provide an opportunity for researchers to manage their library of work by way of publications listings and personal websites
  • guarantee public access to documents on a long-term basis