The IRIHS (Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute) is the University of Rouen’s (FED 4137) Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS) research federation.  The goal of the IRIHS is to promote and develop interdisciplinary activities in humanities and social sciences and to build the University of Rouen’s SHS domain around a shared interdisciplinary culture and science project.
 Within the University of Rouen the IRIHS focuses on four principal areas that match the four education and research units namely:

The IRIHS caters for four Normandy graduate schools:

 The IRIHS aims to organise the University of Rouen’s twelve diversified SHS laboratories around an integrative scientific project that highlights the IRIHS across the regional, national, and international science landscapes.
CUREJ: Rouen University Center for Legal Studies
CREAM: Center for Research in Applied Economics Globalisation
NIMEC: Normandy Innovation-Market-Firm-Consumption
CETAPS: Center for the study of Sports and Physical Activities
GRHiS: Research Group on History
ERIAC: Research Team on Identities, Affects and Conflicts
CEREdI: Research Center on Editing and Interpreting
DYLIS: In Situ Social Dynamics
UMR IDEES Rouen: Space, the Environment and Society Identification and Differentiation
CIRNEF: Normandy Interdisciplinary Education and Training Research Centre
CRFDP: Research Centre in Psychological Functioning and Dysfunction
DySoLab: Social Dynamics Laboratory