RIN Research

RIN Research : Five research area networks make up the RIN (Réseaux d’Intérêts Normands): Energy and Materials, Human Sciences, Biomedical & Chemistry, Land & Sea, and Digital

Both the SRDEEII (Regional Economy, Business, Internationalisation and Innovation scheme) and SRESRI (Regional Higher Education and Research and Innovation scheme) schemes adopted by the Regional Council on 15 December 2016 have resulted in the Normandy Region offering support for postgraduates by way of:
−          A higher profile for the Normandy region’s ability for excellence
−          Promoting excellent scientific projects,
−          Attracting fresh new talent,
−          Enabling the region’s research teams to organise themselves with a view to achieving European and international level recognition as well as regional visibility

Given the funding available for this as part of the 2017-year’s initial budget, the Region will select candidates after its annual call for expressions of interest.
This provision is set to finance research projects that:
−          Come under at least one of the five RIN categories
−          Have a maximum duration of 24 months

  • Entail eligible costs of between €300,000 (excl. taxes) and €750,000 (excl. taxes), with the operational costs segment not exceeding €300,000 (excl. taxes) over the life of the project
  • Involve at least two Normandy- based partners.