New regional configuration

Normandy University Research, with support from the members of the COMUE and related establishments, as well as technological research centres accounts for more than 2,000   researchers and doctoral students throughout 150 research laboratories with 40 units associated with the CNRS, the INSERM- National Institute of Health and Medical Research, and the CEA- The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, and which combined, educate and train more than 80,000 students.
These actors are seeking to develop top quality scientific education and research centres that will enable the Normandy Region to fully participate in and compete on the international arena and to enhance its economic competitiveness.
Built on the desire to create a new research model for Normandy, and following the merger of both of Normandy’s two regions, actors from the various scientific communities as part of the COMUE and associated establishments undertook to set up an one-off working group that was tasked with studying the structure of Normandy’s research with a view to proposing an efficient and sustainable scientific steering and organisation model that is in line with the region’s scientific and economic challenges.