Cross-discipline axis: Digital Humanities

Humanities and Social Sciences digital technologies alter access to and the interpretation of data. Thanks to digital technology, full text and corpora access is now possible. This generates a new relationship with empirical evidence based on a deontological approach to constituting and analysing data. In line with digital humanities, research programmes developed within the GRR CSN (major Normandy research networks and the Normandy culture and society centre) often have to grapple with digital issues and absorb, albeit to varying degrees, all the potential ‘digitalisation’ has to offer. 
For instance one can mention work carried out by lawyers on cyber wars, or work by historians on corpus publishing (ENorME, Charcis, DocExplore), by geographers on building model libraries, and electoral databases, not omitting of course the fine work carried out on enhancing and enriching sites focusing on the work of Flaubert.
These assets bring a fresh focus our knowledge base as well as making data available to the science communities.

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