Reasons for enhancing research value.


Fundamental: Enhancing research and broadcasting research are two of the University’s fundamental missions;
Economically and socially useful: universities are also responsible for the conditions relating to innovation and economic development in their own territories and also all disciplines, humanities and social sciences have the potential to be enhanced and recognized;
Recognition and identification: the University’s mission is also to make its research laboratories’ work known and recognized;
HCERES evaluation criteria: enhancing value is one of the benchmark HCERES (Haut Conseil de l'évaluation de la recherche et de l' enseignement supérieur- Council for Research and Further Education evaluation) evaluation criteria.
Additional financial resources: Raising the profile of completed research work can enable access to additional financial resources for any given laboratory and in certain instances for you personally. It can enable financing and co-financing doctoral work as well as hiring post-doctorates and interns. Additional resources can also facilitate the broadcast of your academic work by for example financing your attendance at national and international scientific events.